Ensure the authenticity of user identity by validating user's passport.

Our API supports asynchronous processes for scanning and parsing passport data, including an optional manual review for documents that are worn or unclear. Please upload clear images with minimal glare and sufficient lighting to ensure accurate data extraction.

Endpoints Overview:

  1. Upload Passport This endpoint is designed to upload a clear passport image for scanning and parsing the userā€™s information page. The image must be clear, well-lit, and glare-free to facilitate accurate data extraction. This is an asynchronous call, and the data will be returned upon triggering the Get Test Result. The Check Upload Passport endpoint should be utilized to monitor the progress and completeness of the upload.

  2. Upload Passport Enhanced (Review Passport) Similar to the Upload Passport endpoint, this function allows for the upload of a passport or visa image for scanning and parsing. Additionally, if the document is worn and cannot be parsed, it is automatically sent for manual review by a forensic expert, with completion notifications typically sent within 5 minutes. This endpoint requires the countryCode parameter in ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format. Like the basic upload, this is also an asynchronous call with results available via Get Test Result, and progress can be tracked using Check Upload Passport.

  3. Check Upload Passport: This endpoint verifies whether the asynchronous upload process of the passport has been completed. It is particularly useful for developers who require immediate updates on the processing status, especially if image quality issues might necessitate a re-upload.

  4. Verify Upload Passport: This endpoint ensures that the data extracted from the scanned passport matches an actual person identifiable across multiple authoritative databases, including US government, credit, and DMV records. For this verification to proceed, ID verification must be fully completed. This call also verifies data consistency by ensuring that the name on the passport matches the full name in the User Object. If discrepancies are found, they must be addressed using the Update User method before proceeding. Only JPG, JPEG, and PNG image formats are accepted; PDFs and other image formats are not supported.