Update User

Update the user object as required to run verifications.

The Update User function updates the user object values.

This can be utilized when taking certain tests that require updated information. An example would be the identity quiz test, which requires the user to fill out information like name, address, state, date of birth, etc. Update the user and then make the respective call.

The required parameter for this call is userAccessCode(UAC). You can send any parameter with it that you wish to update; vice versa, you don't need to send the parameter that should remain the same.

After the user has successfully completed any Identity Verification, this API will ignore firstName, middleName, lastName and dob parameters and update the rest if provided.

In case a new ssn is provided after being successfully verified before, the API will be billed for SSN Verification .

In case the user or a company admin updates the user's PII, a webhook notification is initiated to make sure the Admins User record is concurrent with the User PII record on Authenticate. Please check more information on webhooks here.


Of Special Note-

Although this does contain the option to send the Social Security number, please only do so if requested to within a response. Most of the time, we are able to successfully identify a person without need of their ssn. There are times, however, where there is very little information on a person and a social is required in order to properly find them. If the endpoint sends back an error indicating that there is not enough information and everything else has been filled out, then request it from a user.

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