Verify Quiz

Verifies user identities through security questions based on personal information.

Verify Quiz uses reliable databases to create a customized quiz based on the data provided by the user to verify their identity. If the user's profile is incomplete (e.g., lacking the correct date of birth), the response will indicate the missing information.

Users must update their information using Update User function, before re-attempting. After getting the quiz, users submit their answers through the API, which evaluates and scores their responses, facilitating robust identity verification.

This contains the following endpoints:

  1. Get Identity Proof Quiz: Generates a list of identity verification questions from authoritative databases based on the user's provided information. If the user's details are incomplete (e.g., missing birthday), the endpoint will specify what information is lacking. In such cases, update the user's information using the updateUser endpoint and retry the quiz request. Note that if the user's information remains unverifiable , they will be required to provide their Social Security number.
  2. Submit Verify Quiz: Use this to submit responses to the identity proof quiz. Users will answer the multiple-choice questions, and their responses will be evaluated to verify their identity.