Verify Upload Passport

Verify the information on the passport in Authoritative databases!

This is used to determine if the user data that has been retrieved from the document scanned, Upload Passport matches an actual person identifiable in US government, credit, commercial, consumer, utility, proprietary, telecommunication, and DMV databases.

This call is necessary to make sure that the ID verification is complete for that particular user. If this call is not completed, calls like Generate Criminal Background Report will throw an error indicating the ID verification has to be completed first.

Only the following formats are accepted:- JPG, JPEG, PNG . PDF files and other images formats will not be accepted.

There is a data consistency check built into Verify Upload Passport that ensures the name on the passport matches the full name in the User Object. In instances where a user provides a different name than the name that is on the passport, you will not be able to Verify Upload Passport. In instances where you wish to use the name on the passport instead of the name manually entered by the user, you should call the Test Result object after Check Upload Passport was successful and map the full name from the passportData parameters to the User Object using the Update User method. Then make the Verify Upload Passport call before running any tests.

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