Employment Verification Request (Deprecated)

This endpoint gets the status of submitted employment details for a single individual.

The mandatory fields are employerName, employerAddressTown, employerAddressCountry, employerAddressStateProvince, jobTitle, dateEmployedFrom, dateEmployedTo, supervisorName, currentEmployment, contractType.

Without these fields the verification request will not go through.The 1 and 0 in the parameters signify true and false respectively.

For example - If currentEmployment is set to 1, this will be considered as an active employment for the respective user and vice-versa.Please note that this is not included within the Android and IOS SDKs.


This API is now deprecated.

Please refer to the latest version (Version 2) for updated functionalities and improvements.

The support for Version 1 APIs will be discontinued after June 15th, 2024.

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