Criminal and Civil Records

Look deeper into a users history

Our services include access to comprehensive criminal background checks, detailed activity records over specified periods, and searches against global watchlists to ensure thorough and secure user verification processes.

  1. Past Criminal Record Indicator: Provides an indictator in the hasCriminalRecord key in the Test Result object is true. The indicator report pulls data from sources such as the Department of Corrections, court records, arrest logs, and sexual offender records. Coverage may vary by state, and the data is accessible only to administrators and stored separately from personally identifying information. For manual reviews or policy-related inquiries, please contact us at [email protected].
  2. 7-Year Criminal Activity: Used to obtain reports of any criminal activity available from the last seven years. For this function to proceed, isBackgroundDisclosureAccepted must be set to true in the consent. This report is subject to the same limitations regarding data accuracy and FCRA compliance. Essential user details such as SSN, address, and ZIP code must be correctly filled, with options to update missing information through the Update User method. Partial SSNs can be provided, either the first five digits or the last four.
  3. Global Watchlist Search: Used to check if a user's identity matches any entries in over 60 U.S. and foreign sanctions and watchlists, including but not limited to OFAC, EU Consolidated List, and UN Consolidated List. Users can access potential matches by making a separate call to the Global Watch List Report. For specific list coverage and update frequencies, contacting a representative is recommended.
  4. Request Global Watch List Report: Following a successful Global Watch List Search, this function can fetch any records matching the user's proven identity by at least 65%. This endpoint is triggered only if the hasGlobalWatchlistRecord key in the Get Test Result response is true.

These tools are designed to empower your applications with reliable and compliant data handling capabilities, helping maintain the integrity and security of your user verification processes.

It's crucial to acknowledge that the data does not constitute a ā€œconsumer reportā€ as defined under the FCRA. Thus, it should not be used for credit, employment, or other FCRA-regulated activities.