Verify Financial Account Ownership

This endpoint is used to determine if the user data that has been retrieved from the linked financial account matches an actual individuals identifiable information in Authoritative databases.

This call is necessary to make sure that the Identity verification is complete for the user. If this call is not completed, calls like Generate Criminal Background Report will throw an error indicating the ID verification has to be completed first.

There is a data consistency check built into Verify Financial Account Ownership that ensures the name of the account owner matches the full name in the User Object.

In instances where a user provides a different name than the linked financial account has, the user will not be able to verify financial account owner.

In instances where the users full name provided by the linked financial account does not match the user provided PII, please check the Get Test Results object after Financial account ownership match is successful and map the full name from the bankAccountOwnerMatchResult parameters to the User Object using the Update User method.

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