Results for County and Federal Checks

Detailed retrieval of criminal and civil records at both county and federal levels.

The "Results for County and Federal Checks" section of the API documentation provides comprehensive insights into retrieving criminal and civil records at both county and federal levels. The API functionality is split into two main categories:

  1. Get County Court Records: Specifically designed to return results from county criminal record searches. When a query is executed, the response includes a uniqueIdentifier that uniquely identifies each record, facilitating further reference or cross-checking.
  2. Retrieve Results of County & Federal Verification Records: Consolidates the results from multiple verification requests, including County Criminal Records, County Civil Records, Federal Criminal Records, and Federal Civil Records.

In the response, the type property specifies the record's category (e.g., County Criminal, County Civil, Federal Criminal, Federal Civil). This property is enumerated, and each value correlates directly to one of the respective request types, ensuring that users can accurately interpret the source and nature of each record. This structured approach allows for a streamlined verification process, enhancing the clarity and utility of the results.