County Level Court Checks

Detailed background verification by searching criminal records and activities within specific counties.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of our services, allowing you to access detailed county-specific legal records, including criminal and civil case details. Here's what you can expect:

  1. Search County With Prices: Use this API to fetch the closest match to the specified county name, ensuring accuracy with a limit of eight results per query. County names must be accompanied by a state field formatted in the two-character ISO 3166-2:US standard. Access detailed records via this link for a deeper dive into a userā€™s county history.
  2. County Criminal Records: Use the countyUUID obtained from the Search County With Prices API to initiate a search for all available felony and misdemeanour records within a specified county. Results are delivered asynchronously through webhooks under the CRIMINAL_REQUEST_STATUS_UPDATE event, and the final results are accessible through the Retrieve Results of County & Federal Verification Records API.
  3. County Civil Records Retrieves all civil records from upper and lower county courts. Coverage varies by state, with lower civil cases typically involving claims under $25,000 and upper civil cases involving claims exceeding $25,000. Records are accessible for users aged 18 and above.
  4. Get County Criminal Records for Complete User County History: Retrieves criminal records from every county an individual has resided in for a comprehensive background check. The uniqueIdentifier for each county response aids in specific record retrieval, ensuring a complete overview of the individualā€™s county-level criminal history.

It's crucial to acknowledge that the data does not constitute a ā€œconsumer reportā€ as defined under the FCRA. Thus, it should not be used for credit, employment, or other FCRA-regulated activities.