Get User JWT for Medallion™

Get user JWT for Medallion!

The Get User JWT for Medallion function can be used after creating a user.

  • redirectURL has to be a valid SSL Secured URL.
  • preferredWorkflowID will be the user's workflow when they start their Medallion™ verification process.
    • If the preferred workflow is deleted when the user starts their verification process, the default workflow will be used instead.
    • If the preferredWorkflowID is not set, the default workflow is automatically used.
  • The API response includes both a jwt and a token.
    • The jwt is a longer version of the token and is suitable for use in embedded URLs in browsers.
    • The token is a cleaner version of the verification link and is offered for sharing purposes.

To access the Medallion™ URL, you must append the unique verification token or jwt.

For example, if the token is AB00000-0000-0000-0000-AB0000OP4000

the URL:

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