Upload Passport

Upload Passport to verify user identity!

This call is used to upload an image of a passport to be scanned and parsed. The image should be of the page with the userā€™s information on it (generally on the first or second page). It is one picture that captures both pages of the passport. This follows the same logic as the other Upload ID endpoints in that the picture needs to be clear, it needs to have minimal glare, and it must have sufficient lighting.

This is an asynchronous call and the data will be returned whenever Get Test Result is eventually triggered. To check the progress of this call and make sure nothing was missed, utilize the Check Upload Passport endpoint.

To see a sample passport image of the page that needs to be submitted, please see this link or this one.

After successfully uploading a passport through Upload Passport, you will find an AuthenticationResult in the Test Result Object. If this is Attention or Unknown, then AuthenticationResultSummary may contain the summary of reasons for the authentication result.

The failure of a single authentication test will not necessarily result in overall document authentication failure. Each test is evaluated and the resulting value is then used to calculate the authentication result of the test itself, which indicates whether this particular test passed or failed. By performing more authentication tests, the sensitivity of the individual tests can be reduced, which will result in fewer false rejects (authentic documents being flagged as suspect). In most cases, fraudulent documents will tend to fail a number of authentication tests.

There are several variables that are more likely to cause a document to fail:- - Image capture quality (for example blurriness or reflection) - Personalization of the document (such as especially long names) - Variations in manufacturing techniques (for example card printed on wrong side or slight variations in printing location) - Wear and aging of the document (a worn or dirty card can cause failure) Tampering and counterfeiting (unlawful changes or reproduction of documents)

If a document passes with Attention for the document result, you should review the tests that were attributed to the result. For example, an Attention can occur if a document has expired. Depending on business rules, this may be very important (such as in the case of passport validity). An Attention can also occur if the back side of the document could not be classified, for example, possibly indicating that someone has falsified the document.

When a document is considered "Passed" that means there has been no indication that the document is fraudulent, therefore the document passed the authentication process. This result does not provide a guarantee of authenticity as some types of documents have very few or no security features. We support government issued IDs including driver's licenses, state IDs, national IDs, military IDs, voter cards, resident cards, visas, passports, border crossing cards, and government Personal Identity Verification (PIV), DoD Common Access Card and Transportation Worker Identification Credentials from this this list of countries and territories.. And we are always expanding our areas of service. If you dont see a region listed and are interested in learning more about how we can work with you, in that area, please let us know.

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