Upload Document Enhanced (Review ID)

Upload ID but with Fallback Manual Review!

This endpoint performs the same alphanumeric text detection, barcode data correlation and template check as the Upload ID endpoint, but in case due to wear and tear, the ID could not be parsed, it automatically gets sent for manual review, in which a forensic expert checks if the submitted ID is valid or not.

In case the ID goes for a review, a notification is triggered when the review is complete(typically takes less than 5 minutes). Details on webhook can be checked here.

The countryCode param is required and is an ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 Country code encoded as a String. Country codes can be checked here.

The per-cost use of this call is more expensive than Upload ID. Please contact support for pricing information.

Only the following formats are accepted:- JPG, JPEG, PNG . PDF files and other images formats will not be accepted.

We support government-issued IDs, including driver's licenses, state IDs, national IDs, military IDs, voter cards, resident cards, visas, passports, border crossing cards, and government Personal Identity Verification (PIV), DoD Common Access Card and Transportation Worker Identification Credentials from this list of countries and territories.

We are always expanding our areas of service. If you don't see a region listed and are interested in learning more about how we can work with you in that area, please let us know.

Important Notes:-

  1. This call does not return an indicator as to whether or not they passed the ID verification; this endpoint returns a success if the two images sent were successfully uploaded and saved to the database; the image processing runs asynchronously.
  2. You must ensure that the photos being uploaded are what the user intends to submit, as they will not be told of their success upon upload. We recommend creating a confirm popup with both images to ensure users understand the photos they are uploading.
  3. The maximum allowed size of the image uploaded (per image) is capped at 2MB. Please do not send in photos larger than 2MB, as an exception will be thrown. We recommend using the standard compression techniques to compress the photo before sending it to us, if needed.
  4. Capturing a clear, non-blurry image with the mobile device is extremely important so the ID can be processed accurately.
  5. Make sure to use a minimum 8 8-megapixel camera to capture the images for UploadIDEnhanced.
  6. Ensure images are not blurry, well-focused and there is no glare, shadow, or holographic reflection on the images.
  7. Make sure that the ID and the background are contrasted and that the background is solid-colored.

Make sure all the edges of the ID are visible and no edge is getting cut off. To see a sample ID image that needs to be submitted, please see here.

After successfully uploading an ID through Upload ID Enhanced, you will find the parsed results in the Test Result Object. The DocumentVerificationConfidenceRating key under scannedUser will give a score from 0-100.

We strongly recommend having a score of 75 or more in order to proceed with the subsequent requests. The failure of a single authentication test will not necessarily result in overall document authentication failure. Each test is evaluated, and the resulting value is then used to calculate the authentication result of the test itself, which indicates whether this particular test passed or failed. By performing more authentication tests, the sensitivity of the individual tests can be reduced, resulting in fewer false rejections (authentic documents being flagged as suspect).

In most cases, fraudulent documents will tend to fail a number of authentication tests.

Several variables are more likely to cause a document to fail:-

  • Image capture quality (for example, blurriness or reflection)
  • Personalization of the document (such as especially long names)
  • Variations in manufacturing techniques (for example, card printed on the wrong side or slight variations in printing location)
  • Wear and aging of the document (a worn or dirty card can cause failure) Tampering and counterfeiting (unlawful changes or reproduction of documents)

If a document has failed any specific check, the reason will be indicated under the description key in the Check Upload ID.

When a document is considered "Passed," that means there has been no indication that it is fraudulent; therefore, the document passed the authentication process. However, this result does not guarantee authenticity, as some documents have very few or no security features.

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