Professional License

Verify professional licenses instantly and accurately.

The Professional License section of our API documentation outlines two key functionalities integral to the verification process of professional credentials.

  1. Professional License Verification:Designed to submit professional license details to verify a single individual, all fields except the License Number are mandatory to ensure a comprehensive and accurate submission. Incomplete submissions or missing required fields will lead to a rejection of the request. Given the potentially lengthy processing time for verifications, the verification status can be retrieved from a separate API endpoint designed for this purpose.
  2. Get Professional License Verification Result: Retrieves the verification status of previously submitted professional license details for an individual. This functionality is instrumental for cases where the verification process extends into a manual review, allowing users to poll for results periodically. It is important to note that this functionality is not included within our Android and iOS SDKs, which cater primarily to server-side integrations.

It's crucial to acknowledge that the data does not constitute a ā€œconsumer reportā€ as defined under the FCRA. Thus, it should not be used for credit, employment, or other FCRA-regulated activities.