Ensure the authenticity of employment details.

The Employment Verification API facilitates the secure and efficient submission of employment details for verification purposes. Users can use two primary endpoints to submit employment details and check the verification status.

  1. Employment Verification Result:* equires submitting critical employment information including employerName, jobTitle, startDate, currentlyEmployed, and manualVerification. These fields are mandatory for the process initiation.

If manualVerification is set to true (1), it indicates a request for a manual check, necessitating additional details such as employerAddress, employerAddressCity, employerAddressState, employerAddressCountry, supervisorName, and supervisorContactInfo under the manualVerificationDetails property.

  1. Get Employment Verification Result: Retrieves the verification status for individual employment entries. It is useful for cases where the verification undergoes a manual review, permitting periodic polling to ascertain the current status. Please note that functionality through our Android and iOS SDKs is not supported for these operations.

It's crucial to acknowledge that the data does not constitute a ā€œconsumer reportā€ as defined under the FCRA. Thus, it should not be used for credit, employment, or other FCRA-regulated activities.