Employment Verification V2 Request

This endpoint allows the submission of employment details for an individual. Verification status can be checked through another API, as verification processing may take time.

The required fields include employerName, jobTitle, startDate, currentlyEmployed, manualVerification. Submission won't proceed without these fields.

If manualVerification is set to true, additional details for manual verification must be provided under the property manualVerificationDetails. These include:

  1. employerAddress
  2. employerAddressCity
  3. employerAddressState
  4. employerAddressCountry
  5. supervisorName
  6. supervisorContactInfo

In the parameters, 1 represents true and 0 represents false. For instance, setting currentlyEmployed to 1 indicates that the user will be considered as an active employee and vice-versa.

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