Create User

This endpoint can be utilized to create a user, returns a unique identifier (UAC) for future reference.

The Create User function creates a user profile or an object on the Authenticate system. This function returns a unique User Access Code(UAC). This UAC can be created multiple times for the same information.

User Access Code (UAC) is a v4 UUID and will be used in subsequent API calls to reference the respective user.

Important Notes:

  1. The FirstName, LastName, DateOfBirth, and Email fields listed here are required. An error will be thrown if one or more fields are omitted, provided as empty strings ("), or sent as null; fields that are not required should be entered as null in case they are unavailable.
  2. HouseNumber should be only numeric, and StreetName should be a string. These two fields are mandatory for successfully completing background checks.
  3. The country value matches a list of country codes. For example, the USA is for the United States, CAN is for Canada, etc. For a full list of supported countries, please see this list.
  4. The ssn field is optional and can be full (9 digits) or partial (last 4 digits).
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