Refers to the detailed understandings or conclusions that can be drawn from the activity scores assigned to individuals.

Insights help you identify biometric and data markers based on the provided information. Using this data can improve decision-making regarding necessary levels of friction.

  • Compare Photos facilitates precise photo comparison and verification, including liveness analysis.
  • Score Inputs leverages our extensive identity graph to evaluate data consistency and assess associated risks. Based on the provided user information, see how your data aligns (or doesn't align) with the Identity Graph. Alongside the match characteristics, there is an associated risk score, which indicates the potential friction that may need to be addressed downstream.
  • Verify Inputs offers in-depth insights into identity confidence and risk levels, enhancing your ability to validate identities effectively. It offers valuable information on identifiers to assess risk. It delivers comprehensive data intelligence about an individual, helping you understand current, active, and historical elements. This data can be integrated into algorithms to detect suspicious activities or verify identities.