Financial Account Based Verification

Verify the account owner's details and activity.

This service facilitates robust identity verification by allowing users to authenticate their identities through their financial accounts, which are backed by Mastercard technology.

  1. Get Financial Connect URL: Users initiate verification by generating a Connect URL through this endpoint. This link allows users to log into their financial accounts to confirm their identities. Post-login, the user's details retrieved from the financial institutions are compared with the existing information in the user object. For added security, once the userā€™s Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as the Full Legal Name, is verified, it becomes immutable in the User Object. Note that each Connect URL processes only one financial account by default, under the immutable setting, unless altered through Medallion workflows for Financial Account Owner Verification.
  2. Get Financial Account Owner Match Result: Following the userā€™s connection via the Bank Connect URL, this API endpoint assesses and returns the account ownerā€™s match results. It provides the is_owner_matched status, detailing the congruence of each PII component with its corresponding match percentage. This response encapsulates only the most recent account owner's verification result.
  3. Verify Financial Account Ownership: Used to compare the user data fetched from the connected financial account against the authoritative databases to confirm ownership accurately. It ensures that the name associated with the financial account matches the full name in the User Object, safeguarding against mismatches. In cases of discrepancy between the linked account and the user-provided PII, the user can only verify ownership once corrected. If differences arise, users must use the Update User method after a successful match to align the bankAccountOwnerMatchResult data with the User Object.

This verification system is integral to completing user identity checks and is a prerequisite for further procedures, such as generating criminal background reports. Please complete this verification to avoid errors in subsequent API calls requiring confirmed identity status.

It's crucial to acknowledge that the data does not constitute a ā€œconsumer reportā€ as defined under the FCRA. Thus, it should not be used for credit, employment, or other FCRA-regulated activities.