Check Upload ID

Check the status of Upload ID and Review ID

This is used to determine if the Upload ID asynchronous process has finished. Processing time on passed document images varies indeterminably based on a myriad of factors.

This can cause problems for developers who want immediate results.

This endpoint helps determine the current 'statusā€™ of the operation in the event a user needs to make another attempt, such as if the image cannot be read due to blur or lighting issues.

In the response, the ā€œresultā€ string is an enum value that can be any of the following:-

completeThe ID was received and successfully parsed
parsing_failedUnable to detect the image. This can be caused by poor-quality photos, bad lighting, glares, or other things that interfere with the image. Please try again and make sure that the ID is on a contrasted surface (i.e., a white ID on a black background or a black ID on a white background)
unknown_stateThis indicates that the call to checkUploadId has either been made too quickly after the image was uploaded or there has yet to be any image uploaded to the uploadId endpoint. If this result is received and an image has been sent to uploadID, try again after 20 seconds.
unknown_errorAn unknown error has occurred. Please try again in a few moments.
under_reviewThe ID is under review. Please check back in a few minutes or when notified through Webhook.

These results indicate the current status of the images being processed.



This is not the end of the Upload ID verification process.

The next step is to verify the data that has been retrieved from the uploaded document by calling Verify Upload ID , ie. completing the ID verification of the user.

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