Easier and faster re-verification of user identities.

Welcome to the ReAuthenticate™ API documentation, your gateway to seamless user re-verification. Our ReAuthenticate feature, currently in Beta, is designed for users previously verified through Medallion™. It lets them bypass the full verification process for quicker, hassle-free identity reconfirmation.

This section covers three primary endpoints:

  1. ReAuthenticate Eligibility: Used to determine if a user is eligible for ReAuthenticate based on specific criteria, such as possession of a valid email or phone number, prior successful identity verification via a government-issued ID and selfie through Medallion, and requisite confidence ratings and face match scores. If a user does not meet these criteria, the endpoint returns an appropriate error message detailing the ineligibility.
  2. ReAuthenticate Generate Link: For users who meet the eligibility requirements, this endpoint generates a unique ReAuthenticate link. This link, necessary for initiating the re-verification process, includes a redirectUrl, which must be SSL secured, and an optional expiry parameter to customize the link's expiration time, defaulting to 24 hours.
  3. ReAuthenticate Session Status: Post generation, this endpoint is utilized to check the status of an active ReAuthenticate session using the unique REAUTHENTICATE_SESSION_UUID. It provides comprehensive feedback on the session’s progress, including the status of selfie and email/phone verification, as well as the number of verification attempts made.

Each endpoint ensures a secure, efficient, and user-friendly reauthentication experience, reinforcing trust and safety in your application’s user management.